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Assistant Manager/Service Coordinator

As a Service Coordinator you begin by learning the fundamentals needed to launch and direct your career. Your immediate job responsibilities will focus on customer service and sales training. And you can expect guidance from store team members in performing Certified Satisfaction, our program for management and service excellence. Here's what you'll be learning:

  • Sales training includes selling fundamentals, computer-assisted selling and Intranet use, customer awareness and service satisfaction. You will receive a blend of programmed training and on the job experience.
  • Management training includes supervision skills development for efficient tire and wheel service.
  • Technology and technician training includes a core program where you learn aspects of tire and wheel manufacturing, terminology, industry standards and safety. You'll learn how to safely perform every task related to mounting and installing tires and wheels. A blend of manufacturer programs and in house programs are used.
  • Inventory management training includes physical and computer-based inventory methods for efficiently receiving, storing and selling tires, wheels and accessories. Our stores handle the highest volumes in the industry and you will learn state of the art methods.
  • Safety training includes methods and standards for employee and customer safety. Safety is among our highest priorities and you will learn industry-leading standards for everyone's safety... including your own. A blend of classroom and on the job training is provided.
  • Career development starts on your first day and it's a priority at every management level. Expect help and guidance from all team members from Service Coordinator to Vice President. It's a key part of our training and it's an integral part of our culture. We want you to win.

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Tire Technician

One of the most important positions in our company, the tire technician performs the service part of our business. You'll expertly perform the tire changing, balancing, flat repairs and rotation service that must be done with safety and efficiency. It is a very good place to begin; more leaders within our company have begun at this part-time position than any other. Whether you are attending school and want to supplement your income or you are considering a full-time career with us, the tire technician experience will give you a foundation for success. Here is what you will learn:

  • Working safely to maintain industry and company standards. You'll be trained in every aspect of machine operation and vehicle service to assure your safety and the safety of customers.
  • Service efficiency is critical to customer satisfaction and you'll learn how to perform tasks with an efficiency that is unparalleled in the industry.
  • For technicians who excel, advancement to inventory management is the next level. You'll learn computer-based and physical inventory methods.
  • All training is a blend of class work, programmed learning and on the job training.

Visit the "How To Apply" section for full details and information.

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