Success Stories

Phil Trent Photo Phil Trent
Assistant Vice President
Detroit, MI

In 1983, I graduated from the University of Nebraska. My football scholarship had served me well and I returned home to Albuquerque, New Mexico to begin my business career with a nationwide freight company. It turned out that we did a lot of work for Discount Tire and I got to know the people there. I liked what I saw. I have always been a goal-oriented person and I felt Discount Tire offered a level playing field where I could achieve my goals—no dead ends.

It's turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made. After six months in Albuquerque, the company announced a new region in San Diego. My wife and I took the challenge of moving our young family to this new place and two years later I was promoted to store manager. Many happy years of good work went into growing the San Diego region; that's what we do, begin from a few stores and grow. San Diego now has more than thirty Discount Tire stores, and I still keep in touch with many friends there.

In January 1997, my day began at the store with a phone call that greatly changed our lives. Mr. Bruce Halle, the President of Discount Tire, called me and asked if I would accept a position as Assistant Vice President in Las Vegas, NV. I couldn't believe it. That time went by so quickly. Today I have taken yet another challenge and moved to Detroit, Michigan where growth has created yet another new region.

Part of my job is to train people who have just joined our company, and they often ask me about the potential for opportunity at Discount Tire. I answer by saying I am as excited today as I was twenty years ago about the potential for any young person in Discount Tire. We plan to double the size of our company in the next ten years. That includes opening more than five hundred stores, expanding our direct marketing and web sales, and building a synergism between these businesses that is second to none in the tire and wheel industry. It is an exciting time. I can honestly say that Discount Tire is a company where we all climb the ladder of success together... nobody gets left behind if you're willing to keep up.

--dtc508-- Known in Oregon & Parts of California as