Discount Tire and America's Tire are simply two names for one great company!

Discount Tire or America's Tire

Discount Tire and America's Tire are two unique names for one nationwide company. Discount Tire started in Michigan in 1960 and has since spread its wings from coast to coast with over 800 stores. However, in some regions, other companies already held the name 'Discount' in a similar context. In these regions, we go by the name America's Tire. This name embodies our truly national presence and reinforces our position as the most friendly, courteous and knowledgeable tire experts in the country.

Any purchase made at any Discount Tire or America's Tire store can be serviced at locations bearing either name.

Not Satisfied? Bring it back! Our Promise
Not Satisfied? Bring it back!

If ever you're not satisfied with one of our tires, please feel free to bring it back.

At Discount Tire we stand by everything that we do. If you are not satisfied with your purchase at any time, bring it back and we will make it right. That is our promise.

If you ever find a tire for a lower price, please let us know and we will beat it... Simple as that!

Please enjoy our "Thank You" commercial below. It currently is in the Guinness Book of World Records and is recognized as the longest running TV commercial of all time. Since 1975, we proudly stand behind this message.








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