Never mix and match tires with different speed ratings on your vehicle

Speed Ratings

A tire receives its speed rating by the U.S. Government through meeting minimum standards for reaching and sustaining a specified speed. What does that mean to you? Well, in general, a higher speed rating will result in better car handling.

Two important notes when considering speed rating:
  • We do not recommend downgrading the speed rating of your tires. This may result in poor handling and unpredictable steering. However, if you want better cornering response, there is no problem installing a higher speed rated tire on your vehicle.
  • Never mix and match tires with different speed ratings on your vehicle. This will cause serious problems with the handling of your vehicle.

Below is a list of speed ratings along with the corresponding speeds they represent. Remember, the speeds are test speeds, not recommended speeds.

  • B - Up to 31 mph
  • C - Up to 37 mph
  • D - Up to 40 mph
  • E - Up to 43 mph
  • F - Up to 50 mph
  • G - Up to 56 mph
  • J - Up to 62 mph
  • K - Up to 68 mph
  • L - Up to 75 mph
  • M - Up to 81 mph
  • N - Up to 87 mph
  • P - Up to 94 mph
  • Q - Up to 100 mph
  • R - Up to 106 mph
  • S - Up to 112 mph
  • T - Up to 118 mph
  • U - Up to 124 mph
  • H - Up to 130 mph
  • V - Up to 149 mph
  • W - Up to 168 mph
  • Y - Up to 186 mph
  • Z - 149 mph and over
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