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Arizonian Tires

Arizonian Silver Edition

185 /65 R14 86T SL BSW

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Arizonian Silver Edition

The New Silver Edition provides a major step forward. This new generation improves key performance factors with a quieter more comfortable ride, better hydroplaning resistance and wet braking control. Add to that long tread wear, excellent all-season traction - especially in ice and snow - and confident handling and you can see why the new Silver Edition delivers tremendous value. The tire is available in 14-inch to 17-inch sizes and T, H & V-rated speed categories that cover a wide range of popular small and mid-size vehicles.


Long Lasting Treadlife
• Durable compound achieves low rolling resistance for better fuel economy and wear.
• Contact patch is optimized to equally distribute stress across the tread surface for better traction and wear.

• Zig-zag siping delivers a longer gripping edge for excellent traction in wet, snow and ice conditions.
• Four large circumferential grooves boost hydroplaning resistance in wet conditions.

• Serpentine blocks deliver optimum grip and even pressure for excellent stability and turning response.
• Spirally wound nylon cap ply keeps tire rounder at high speeds for better stability and steering control.

Comfortable, Quiet Ride
• Computer-optimized pitch sequencing block design cancels road noise for a smoother more comfortable ride.
• Swoosh groove in center rib helps cancel road noise.
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