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Making one of the world's best mud terrain tires even better was the goal of the new Mud Terrain KM (Key on Mud performance) and based on their test results this new entry is a success. Better off road performance has been achieved, especially in mud traction and slick rock conditions. Better manners on the road and more even wear have also been achieved. Add to that a wider selection of sizes...all the way to 37 in diameter...and you can see why this new tire is a great success.

•Dual tread profile creates a larger, rectangular-shaped profile footprint that puts more tread into contact with the road. And improves traction and performance in rock crawling.

•DiggerLugz™ tread blocks at the tire's shoulder provide larger, more aggressive surface for digging into deep gumbo mud, dirt and sand.

•High-void tread design with refined orientation and block sequencing interlock while rock climbing for superior traction. This also delivers a quieter highway ride.

•A new rim protector guards against off-road hazards, especially when the air pressure is lowered for aggressive off-road conditions.

•Three-ply polyester casing design delivers excellent bruise resistance.

•Available in 25 sizes, including popular 16-, 17- and 18-inch wheel sizes up to 37-inch diameter maximum.

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