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Bridgestone's DriveGuard delivers a major step forward in tire technology. Now you get the safety of a run-flat tire without the typical trade-offs in comfort, traction, handling, and price! If you don't want to let a flat tire ruin your day, then the DriveGuard is for you! DriveGuard technology enables you to continue driving up to fifty miles at fifty mph after losing air pressure - eliminating the dangers of being stuck or changing tires on the road.


  • Durable Sidewall Construction enables tire to continue driving for 50 miles at up to 50 mph after a puncture has let all the air out of the tire.
  • Cooling Fin Technology reduces heat in the sidewall when running flat.
  • Proprietary Tread Compound pioneered by Bridgestone ensures long lasting tread. Warranty: 60,000 for HR & VR speed ratings and 50,000 for WR speed rated.

Comfortable & Quiet

  • Nano ProTech™ Sidewall Construction means a thinner sidewall that reduces heat buildup during low/no inflation and delivers the comfort of a conventional tire design.

Traction & Handling

  • Proprietary Tread Compound delivers tread flexibility in all seasons for reliable wet and dry grip year 'round.
  • Sidewall construction is durable enough to support run-flat conditions, yet still flexible for everyday driving.

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