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The new and improved Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 winter tire delivers the next step in traction and safety. In snow and ice conditions, rest assured that this tire provides superior grip for reliable starts, stops, and handling. You'll also appreciate the tire's longer wear, thanks to tread compound and construction improvements. Sizes are available in 15-inch to 17-inch sizes which fit many of today's popular vehicles.


  • New Hydrophilic Coating reacts to the elements for confident stopping power on snow and ice.
  • Advanced Multicell Compound® with Nano Pro-Tech® works at a molecular level to remain pliable for better grip in cold.
  • Bite particles act like microscopic studs providing confident road grip and braking on ice.


  • Optimized footprint uniformly distributes road forces for improved wear.


  • 3D Zigzag Sipes create biting edges without sacrificing block stiffness.
  • Increased block edges deliver better handling on snow and slush.

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