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Dunlop Tires

Dunlop Signature CS
The Dunlop Signature CS tire for crossover utility vehicles packages VersaLoad Technology™, Jointless Band Technology™, Multi-Pitch Tread Design Technology™ and Evaqua Grooves™ to help deliver quiet comfort and confident handling. Sophisticated sidewall styling gives the tire a top-shelf look to match its performance.

VersaLoad Technology
By optimizing the tire mold for each tire size, Versaload Technology helps maximize the amount of the footprint that comes in contact with the road for consistent traction, handling, ride comfort and tread wear under various loading conditions.

Jointless Band Technology
Jointless Band Technology helps maintain the tire's shape at highway speeds. With fabric positioned in all the right places to enhance handling and tread wear, this continuous spiral ply serves to help reduce vibration.

Multi-Pitch Tread Design Technology
Multi-Pitch Tread Design Technology uses various sizes of tread blocks which produce specific sound frequencies calibrated to help cancel each other out, so drivers can enjoy a smooth, quiet ride.

Evaqua Grooves
Angled Evaqua Grooves are situated to help efficiently pump water away from the footprint for responsive handling on we roads.

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