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Dunlop Tires

Dunlop Rover H/T

LT275 /65 R18 123R E1 OWL

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Dunlop Rover H/T

The new Dunlop Rover H/T offers truck and SUV drivers innovative features combined with contemporary looks. This all-season tire delivers the wet and dry traction drivers expect in a package that's backed with a 60,000 mile warranty on PLT sizes and a 45,000 mile warranty on LT sizes.

Features & Benefits

Aggressively styled V-Lock Grooves™
Help deliver enhanced all-season grip.

Sleek shoulder profile
Enhances all-season traction.

Multi-pitch Technology™
Aids noise reduction for a quiet ride.

High-density sipes
Excellent all-season performance.

Dimensionally Stable Polyester™
Helps maintain tire uniformity for a smooth, comfortable ride.
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