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Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2 K120

VAI Siping System (Visual Alignment Indicator)
The Visual Alignment Indicator siping system offers you an easy way to check tire alignment by comparing tire wear on both the inside and outside of the tire's contact patch.

Cooling system/Drainage groove
Improves the dispersion of heat generated during use and helps to evacuate water from the tire's contact patch.

Aqua jet
Provides efficient water evacuation from the center of the tire's contact patch for improved wet condition performance.

Stealth technology/Noise
Unique wing tip design reduces noise by incorporating beveled tread block edges to lower unwanted surface impact sound. Road noise is reduced by the use of a 5-pitch tread block design and optimized middle block pitch array.

Aero-dynamic sidewall
An aero-dynamic design, which incorporates rectangular dimples in the tire's sidewall, helps to minimize noise and vibration by reducing airflow turbulence while driving.

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