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Michelin's new Primacy delivers performance without sacrificing comfort. Whether you are driving on wet or dry roads the new Primacy offers incredible traction that delivers safety. Michelin's engineers have made every effort to improve ride quality with significant reductions in noise levels and vibrations over previous performance designs. Finally, you can expect long wear thanks to tread design and compound improvements.

•Asymmetric tread pattern enhances traction in all seasons with a high grip interior and boosts dry performance with an outer shoulder featuring large tread blocks.

•Stem-shaped footprint design deflects water away from the contact patch for excellent traction.

•Low noise level tread design features a continuous central rib and specially arranged tread blocks.

•Full depth siping delivers enhanced wet traction.

•Silica based tread compounds and enhanced tread block stability limit tread deformation and enable longer wear.

•High tensile steel belts, capped with a precision zero degree ply, ensure perfect handling at all speeds

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