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Michelin Tires

Michelin 4x4 Diamaris
Michelin has set a new standard for the new generation of multipurpose/family and tuned recreational vehicles with the introduction of the 4x4 Diamaris. Already established as the original equipment tire on the revolutionary BMW X5, this radial delivers unexcelled handling, safety and ride refinement for purely on-road use. Innovative sidewall and tread design deliver subtle good looks.

•Sidewall design features a unique look and finish as well as sidewall and rim protection.

•Michelin's highest technology 4X4 design: BAZ belt construction overlapped in the shoulder, graduated shoulder profile, high bead rigidity, rayon casing construction and asymmetrical tread with high silica content. The bottom line is incredible handling, safety and ride sophistication in all road conditions.

•Ride comfort and low noise perfectly suit luxury vehicles.
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