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Motivo is the evolution of Nitto's Ultra High Performance street tires engineered to perform in all weather conditions while providing ride comfort, minimal road noise, and increased treadwear. Motivo's all-season capability fulfills the demands of your active lifestyle by navigating you safely through challenging road and weather conditions.

Made in the USA using proprietary advanced tire manufacturing technology, Motivo delivers consistent tire uniformity for a smooth and enjoyable driving experience. Combined with an all-new silica rubber compound, the Motivo aims for more driving miles while maintaining traction and handling in winter, wet, and dry conditions. The compound is molded into a unique asymmetrical tread pattern designed for most of today's high performance luxury sedans, sport coupes, and Crossover vehicles.

Features & Benefits:

Proprietary Technology
Advanced tire manufacturing technology delivers exceptional tire uniformity for a smooth and comfortable driving experience.

Solid Center Rib
Continuous solid center rib provides straight-line stability.

All New Compound
Silica reinforce rubber compound achieves longer tread life backed by a 60,000 mile limited treadwear warranty.

Interior pattern design with smaller angled tread blocks provides flexibility for enhanced grip and handling in winter and wet conditions.

Unique-Asymmetric Pattern Design
The distinct pattern attracts the eye while the tread block arrangement is optimized to minimize road noise.

Four Circumferential Grooves
Wide, deep grooves improves water evacuation for increased wet handling and traction.

Streamlined, Open Lateral Grooves
Increases water evacuation.

"Fin" Sipes
Additional number of biting edges on tread blocks delivers increase traction in winter and wet conditions.

3-Dimensional Multiwave Sipes
Stabilizes handling in wet, winter, and dry conditions while improving resistance to irregular wear.

Exterior pattern design with larger size blocks provides stability for enhanced dry and cornering performance.

Alignment Indicators
Multiple alignment indicators are found around the tire on both outer shoulders. When vehicle misalignment occurs, the indicator(s) on one shoulder will wear off before the other shoulder alerting the driver to an alignment condition. Frequent tire rotation and proper tire maintenance is essential to maximizing tire potential.

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