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Ohtsu Tires

Ohtsu FP6000 A/S

225 /55 R16 95V SL BSW

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Ohtsu FP6000 A/S

The Ohtsu FP6000 A/S delivers a great combination of value and performance. You'll get good traction, handling, tread life, and ride...all at an economical price. Available sizes 14 to 17-inch, 50 through 65 series, with H and V speed ratings.

Features & Benefits:

  • Directional tread with sweeping channels and five circumferential grooves effectively evacuates water to minimize hydroplaning and optimize wet traction.

  • Two circumferential center ribs deliver straight-line stability at high speeds.

Smooth, Quiet Ride
  • Variable shoulder blocks reduce road noise.

Increased Tread Life
  • New silica compounding significantly increases tread life in this "next generation" design.
  • 35,000 mile limited tread life warranty.
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