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Yokohama Tires

Yokohama ADVAN S.4.
Yokohama's ADVAN S.4. offers all-season utility and ultra-high performance to demanding drivers of today's premium sedans and coupes.

Performance In Any Season

•Large Reinforced Shoulder Blocks
These reinforced tread blocks enable a stiffer shoulder area for enhanced cornering.

•Staggered Block Design
Tread blocks are placed at varying angles to enhance lateral stability for better handling.

•Circumferential Grooves
Three wide grooves quickly expel water to enhance wet traction.

•Optimum Sipe Placement
The center section of the tread is home to nearly 700 elongated sipes, which promote effective all-season performance.

•Aqua Cut Tusk Grooves
The shape of these grooves has been specially designed to promote outstanding water evacuation for all-season performance.

Comfort Without Compromise

•Tapered Bead Filler
The tapered bead filler balances responsive cornering performance with the comfort of minimal road noise to deliver a premium driving experience.

•Stress Control Waves
The inside edge of the shoulder blocks forms a wavy pattern around the tread for the purpose of minimizing uneven wear and tire noise.

•Variable Pitch Technology
The size and shape of the tread blocks is varied to help reduce pattern noise.

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