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B/G Rod Works™ is the latest brand to the Vxx umbrella. Our founder and all our team have been enthusiasts of Street and Hot Rods for years and participate in several Southern California cruises and club events to raise money for charity and other worthwhile causes.

The B/G Rod Works™ brand has wheels in 15" to 22" sizes. Customize your vehicle with a set of hot wheels today!

B/G Rod Works™ aims to provide consumers four basic things:
1. Customer service and support remain at the heart of our daily operations. It's our goal to have 100% customer satisfaction in all business activities. Without satisfied customers there is no need for our company or the services we offer. Today, we have many of the same customers our founder serviced in his first year of business. Our customers rely on our company's management experience gained from over forty years in the industry.
2. Quality - We strive to maintain the highest quality wheels and ensure this by an on-going testing and inspection process. All wheels sold by us exceed SAE Standard J-2530.
3. Availability - We work hard to maintain regular manufacturing production cycles and good stock levels to ensure good availability at all time.
4. Competitive Pricing - Although our wheels are not always the lowest priced, they are very competitive based on quality, availability and service. Being the cheapest and having good quality don't usually go hand in hand.

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Not Satisfied? Bring it back!

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