Maxxim Wheels

Maxximum Style

A brand line of Konig Wheels, Maxxim wheels are a stunning collection of custom wheels designed to meet the standards of the most demanding drivers and accentuate the look of any vehicle.

Maxxim Wheels

Track-tested and desired by the most elite auto enthusiasts, Maxxim wheels continue the unmistakable tradition of quality started by Konig 25 years ago. With extreme designs and bold finishes, Maxxim makes superior wheels that get noticed. Style isn't the only thing Maxxim wheels have, however. Like all Konig brands, Maxxim wheels are designed to perform and manufactured to endure. Maxxim is ready to set trends as the prominent custom sport wheels in the industry, so don't just settle for any old rims. Get Maxxim, and get Maxximum Style.

Maxxim Wheels

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