XD Series Wheels

Like No Other

KMC/XD Series® wheels were born in off-road racing. These wheels have been tested by sponsored teams at some of the most demanding off-road races in the world.

XD Series Wheels

With multiple wins in the SCORE Baja 500 and Baja 1000 as well as individual Championships in off road short course racing, it's no wonder they are the most sought after wheels in the off road market. KMC/XD Series® are made to strict quality standards and in an extensive range of sizes and fitments as well as an assortment of finishes. KMC/XD Series® combines aggressive, edgy styles for the truck/SUV segment and have become the "must have" wheels for truck/SUV owners. KMC/XD Series® wheels have been featured everywhere from major magazine publications, TV, music videos and to motion picture films. Stand out from the crowd with the style that suits you.

XD Series Wheels

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