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Yokohama Geolandar A/T-S

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June 22, 2012
Driving Conditions: Mixed Dry Rain
Driving Style: Mixed Highway and City
Owned Tires for: 2 years
Miles Driven on Tires: 42000
Ride Comfort   10.0
Cornering/Steering   9.0
Ride Noise   10.0
Tread Life   10.0
Dry Traction   9.0
Wet Traction   9.0
Winter Traction   9.0
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Tire Pros

great tires good on rocky off road sand good gas milage

Tire Cons

None Provided

i put these in my 2007 chevy silverodo 4x4 lt2 never had a problem with off road no flats,good ride quite ride good on freeway also i live were there is extreme heat they have held up very good in temps of 115 or more!!! would buy this tire again,,,,,,,,
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July 22, 2012
2006 DODGE RAM 2500 ST 4WD
Driving Conditions: Mostly Dry
Driving Style: Mostly Highway
Owned Tires for: 1 month
Miles Driven on Tires: 1800
Ride Comfort   5.0
Cornering/Steering   2.0
Ride Noise   7.0
Tread Life N/A
Dry Traction   2.0
Wet Traction N/A
Winter Traction N/A
Buy Tire Again No

Tire Pros

Price and looks

Tire Cons

Handling is poor

This tire is not good for my truck! There is a considerable amount of side roll. It feels like I'm driving my boat on the freeway swerving from side to side. No I'm not drunk. It also pulls to the right. No, it's not brakes or alignment! I had them switch out the front to try and correct, but it didn't do any good. Drove 1800 miles in one month mostly freeway. I had Kumho A/T's before but wanted to go back to stock size. Bad idea. Had Nitto Terra Grapplers, great in snow but only got 38,000 out of them. I'm going back to the stock Michelins. Maybe A/t 2 see how that works. Waste of money. One set of tires is going to cost me $1600 when all said and done!
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