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Bridgestone Potenza RE760 Sport

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January 21, 2012
Driving Conditions: Mostly Dry
Driving Style: Mixed Highway and City
Owned Tires for: 1 year 6 months
Miles Driven on Tires: 12000
Ride Comfort   9.0
Cornering/Steering   9.0
Ride Noise   9.0
Tread Life   9.0
Dry Traction   8.0
Wet Traction   8.0
Winter Traction N/A
Buy Tire Again Yes

Tire Pros

Good grip, stable sidewall= low flex during high g cornering. Pretty good in the wet too.

Tire Cons

Noise when losing traction.

I also have these tires on my Dinan BMW 540i sport and they are pretty good tires. Not the most grip like some Max Performance tires, but overall I'm very happy with them. When I bought them I was going for more milage than grip b/c of all the highway driving and they've lasted. Very stable, good grip, low road noise, but when you start to slide or spin the rear wheels, the tires will SCREAM- catching police attention. Most Z rated tires are almost silent when spinning, but not these. Overall, I'd buy them again, and I just did actually. I don't know what the Porsche Boxster guy is talking about below. He need to check his air pressure because these things had great side wall response- nothing like he explained, and my benz and bimmer are much heavier cars than his boxster. He was either running too high or low PSI in those tires.
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