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March 12, 2012
2006 BMW X5 /E53 4.4I
Driving Conditions: Mostly Dry
Driving Style: Mixed Highway and City
Owned Tires for: 2 years 6 months
Miles Driven on Tires: 25000
Ride Comfort   9.0
Cornering/Steering   9.0
Ride Noise   8.0
Tread Life   3.0
Dry Traction   9.0
Wet Traction   8.0
Winter Traction   1.0
Buy Tire Again No

Tire Pros

Great tire in dry conditions.

Tire Cons

Worthless in snow. I purchased a second set of wheels for winter driving, even with AWD.

Poor handling in winter is to be expected from these big, fat tires. If you live where the sun always shines, they might be the ticket for you. However, they don't last very long. I'm replacing them at about 25K miles. If price was no object, I'd buy another set, but...
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