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Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3

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June 24, 2014
Indianapolis, IN
Driving Conditions: Mixed Dry Rain
Driving Style: Mixed Highway and City
Owned Tires for: 2 years
Miles Driven on Tires: 30000
Ride Comfort   6.0
Cornering/Steering   7.0
Ride Noise   6.0
Tread Life   5.0
Dry Traction   6.0
Wet Traction   6.0
Winter Traction   6.0
Buy Tire Again No

Tire Pros

Great look. Super traction when new.

Tire Cons

Tread life is inaccurate. Tire wears easily even with regular alignments.

I bought these based on the good reviews. They were very pricey, and DT talked me into the ride matching, and I agreed. My Genesis Coupe has different sized tires on the front and rear, so rotation is not possible. I admit that I had a lot to do with the rear tires not hitting their tread life warranty, as this car has a lot of torque and horsepower, but the front wore poorly as well, and I don't race around corners. Overall, I wish I had spent much less and replaced earlier than I did instead of banking on the inflated 60K warranty. Once the tires hit 20K, the ride and traction went south fast, and never recovered. I would not recommend if you intend to drive 15-20,000 miles per year, as these are not cost effective. I replaced these with General GMax OS-3's and so far they are just as impressive at half the price.
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