Tacoma World Photo Contest Winners

By: Discount Tire

Third generation Tacoma tires

We kicked off a series of monthly photo contests to give back to our friends and supporters in the Tacoma World web forum. April’s “Ride of the Month Photo Competition” instructed contestants to submit the best side-view photo of their Toyota Tacoma, complete with size, brand, and model of the tires, and optionally share info on the wheels they're running.

To be considered, forum members had to attach only one of their best side shots of their Toyota Tacoma to a post in the contest thread. The top five member photos were determined by the number of likes they garnered. Since there was a tie for fifth place in likes, six photos went on to a forum poll to decide the month’s winner. There was another tie in the voting, this time for third place.

The overall winner was awarded with a Discount Tire swag bag. Check out April’s top photos below!

Top Five Tacoma World "Ride of the Month" Photos

Fifth place (21 votes) submitted by user MattCowsmasher

Tires: Cooper Discoverer ST Maxx - 255/80 R17
Wheels: Mickey Thompson Classic Baja

Fourth place (27 votes) submitted by user Crow_of_judgement:

Tires: Goodyear Wrangler Authority - 265/75 R16
Wheels: Vision Turbine

Tied for third place (41 votes) submitted by user Taco Critter:

Tires: Hankook Dynapro ATM - 265/70 R16 

Tied for third place (41 votes) submitted by user SMKYTXN

Tires: 41.5x13.5 R17 Pit Bull Rocker Radial
Wheels: 17x8.5 Hutchinson D.O.T. Dual Beadlock

Second place (61 votes) submitted by user KENNY

Tires: Toyo Open Country M/T - 35 X12.50 R17
Wheels: 17x9 SCS Ray10 Brushed Bronze

With 65 votes, April’s first place Tacoma photo submitted by user Redmann

Tires: Cooper Discoverer STT PRO - 285/75 R16
Wheels: SCS F5 Dark Bronze

Congratulations to our winner, Redmann, and many thanks to all the Tacoma World members who entered, liked, and voted in April’s poll!

If you see tire or wheel setups you like on one of these Tacomas, your nearest store can order pretty much any wheel or equivalent tire (and beat any advertised price) even if they aren't currently on our website.