How to buy tires during quarantine

touchless services for your vehicle

After months being cooped up because of the COVID quarantine, many drivers are more ready than ever for one of our favorite annual traditions: the summer road trip.

Meanwhile, other drivers are beginning to take to the pavement to commute to newly reopened offices. Others still are preparing for their own “safecations.”

No matter the reason you're hitting the road, it's important that your vehicle is ready for the trip!

While a lot has changed over the past several months, some things remain the same. One of the most important of any is staying on top of regular vehicle maintenance before you hit the road.

When it comes to pre-trip vehicle maintenance, often the first thing that comes to mind is an oil change and tire rotation, but whether you're getting ready for a long-distance road trip or you're looking at resuming your commute, we want to drive home (pun intended) the importance of checking your tires before you embark.

And because social distancing while having your tires installed or serviced is important as much for the safety of our employees as it is for you and your family, you’ve come to the right place.

We have the perfect way to help you stay safe and while browsing the largest selection of tires and wheels, all while maintaining social distance.

It's our Touchless Experience. We designed this experience to help you stay comfortable and safe while you get all your tire and wheel needs met. Here's how it works:

Buy Online

At Discount Tire, we have the largest selection of tires and wheels available anywhere. While searching through that selection online helps you safely maintain social distance, we know it can be a little daunting. That’s where Treadwell, our unique tire selection guide comes into play.

Leveraging data from millions of miles and thousands of tire tests, Treadwell can provide personalized, real-world recommendations based on your driving preferences and information about where you drive.

And it's simple to use! All you do is input your vehicle year, make and model. After that, you can update your location and budget. Then rank your driving priorities based on performance characteristics or safety.

Using Treadwell helps you get the same professional recommendations you'd get by talking to one of our employees, all without having to leave the comfort and safety of your own home. And because you can pay online ahead of time, you won't even have a need to pull out your wallet or exchange your payment method with one of our employees when it's time for your installation appointment. Talk about a win-win!

Schedule an Appointment

After you've used Treadwell to find the perfect tire for your needs and budget, you can find an appointment time that works for your schedule and book it in advance.

When you purchase online and book an appointment before heading to our shop, you save time in the store, while also maintaining social distance. Plus, now that you've reserved your time and product selection, your items will be held for you and will be ready for installation when you get to the store of your choice.

While scheduling an appointment and purchasing your tires and wheels online allows you to save time and maintain social distance, those aren't the only benefits.

When you schedule an appointment online, you get next-in-bay service, too. This means that after you get checked in for your appointment, you'll be first in line for the next available service bay. This can significantly reduce your wait time.

Touchless Tire Service

So, you used Treadwell to find the right tires for and you have an appointment on the books. Now what?

It couldn't be more simple. When you arrive at our store for your service appointment, you can now take advantage of our curbside assistance.

Simply find a parking spot at (or near) one of our locations and remain in the comfort of your vehicle. One of our employees will greet you from 6 feet away and get you checked in for your appointment. If you're not greeted within 5 minutes, feel free to give the store a quick call and they'll help you get checked in right away!

When your service bay is ready, we'll guide you as you pull your vehicle in. If you prefer, you're welcome to stay in the safety and comfort of your vehicle while we perform your installation.

If you'd rather wait outside of your vehicle, you are also welcome to do so. Additionally, we have rearranged our showrooms to ensure that you can comfortably maintain social distancing while inside.

For additional safety, we have added enhanced cleaning and sanitizing procedures to our operations while reducing overall foot traffic inside our buildings.

The moment your vehicle is finished, you'll receive your invoice via email and you'll be ready to go. One of our employees will help guide you safely back out of the bay, and you'll be on your way.

If you opt to wait outside your vehicle, we will return your keys (which will have been bagged for your safety). You’ll still receive your receipt via email.

This Touchless Experience allows you to have all your tire and wheel needs met without having to worry about social distancing. At no point would any of our employees need access to the interior of your vehicle if you choose this option for your next service or installation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While buying tires might seem like a challenge right now, at Discount Tire, we're doing our best to get you taken care of while giving you the confidence to continue to make healthy choices.

Your safety is our first consideration at any point on your journey!