What tires should I buy for my Chevy Camaro?

By: Discount Tire - Via Treadwell™

chevrolet camaro side view

Trim levels: LS, LT, SS, ZL1

Wheel Sizes: 18-inch and 20-inch radius

About:Let’s face it. You can find any excuse to cruise around town in your Camaro. But what do you do when you need new Camaro tires? For consistent performance and ride comfort, whether you’re showing it off or using it on your commute, your Camaro should drive as sharp as it looks. So you might be asking yourself…

“When it comes to Camaro tires, what should I buy?”

Use: 50% city, 50% highway

Budget: $$-$$$


Recommendation #1 – Hankook Ventus V12 EVO2 K120

three tire view hankook ventus v12 evo2 k120

If you’re into the thrill of performance, the Hankook Ventus V12 EVO2 K120 is a great choice for your Camaro.

An ultra-high performance tire that features advanced rubber composition technologies, the V12 EVO2 K120 provides dependable and exacting performance in summer and rain. Although more renowned as a summer tire, these can hold their grip in wet weather and reduce the risk of hydroplaning your rear-wheel drive powerhouse due to its circumferential tread grooves.

Its other features include heat dissipation properties for smooth operations at high speeds, aerodynamic construction with rectangular sidewalls for reduced turbulence and a 5-pitch block arrangement for reduced road noise. Pick up a set of these and you’ll be in for a thrilling ride.

Recommendation #2 – Continental ExtremeContact Sport

three tire view of continental extreme contact sport

The Continental ExtremeContact Sport delivers on superior performance for even the most powerful Camaro trim levels and modifications.

Engineered with Continental’s SportPlus Technology, the ExtremeContact Sport has improved tread life, enhanced grip on wet and dry roads and overall higher steering input precision for better control.

As an added plus, these tires are equipped with indicators that will display the tire’s performance in wet and dry conditions. For exciting and long-lasting performance, you’ll definitely want to consider a set of these Continentals for your Camaro.

Recommendation #3 – Pirelli P Zero All-Season Plus

three tire view of pirelli p zero all-season plus

For strong performance in nearly any weather condition, the P Zero All-Season Plus by Pirelli delivers on excellent traction and a long-lasting tread life.

This tire features large outer blocks, lateral siping and circumferential grooves to maximize steering grip and reduce the risk of hydroplaning in winter weather. With its year-round versatility and balance of dependability, performance and comfort, you won’t go wrong with a set of these Pirellis for your Camaro.

These picks are suited for varying trim levels of the Chevy Camaro, but wheel and tire sizes can vary. Double check on our site or stop by one of  our locations  if you're on the hunt for the best tires for your Camaro!

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