New Tire: Continental ControlContact Sport SRS

By: Discount Tire

Introducing one of the most high-tech ultra-high performance all-season tires on the market: the Continental ControlContact Sport SRS.

Straight from Continental, the SRS was “…developed for drivers of sport and luxury cars and crossovers. Continuing the success story of the ControlContact Sport AS, the ControlContact Sport SRS provides enhanced grip and handling in all seasons, balanced with the continuation of the outstanding tread life and 50,000-mile mileage warranty.”

Continental is laying a solid foundation for the ControlContact Sport SRS, a newcomer that both succeeds and more than improves upon the ControlContact Sport A/S.

Read up on how it does below:


With enhanced handling characteristics on dry and wet roads, the ControlContact Sport SRS builds on Continental’s UHP all-season performance pedigree that was developed over years of research and development on the ControlContact Sport A/S.

A worthy alternative to other premium brands, the prior-gen ControlContact Sport is a current go-to for anyone who drives a high-powered vehicle (of any type). But with advanced snow traction and wet braking capabilities that create an added layer of safety, the Sport SRS is able to combine the focus its performance-oriented features on safety and longevity (with a 50,000-mile tread life warranty/25,000 for rear staggered fitments).

But it also has an ace up its sleeve: the introduction of new tire wear monitoring features.

Continental’s proprietary Tuned Performance Indicators can alert a driver to exactly when it’s time to replace the tire. With the letters “SRS” (which stands for sun, rain, snow) embedded into its tread, when each respective symbol disappears it means the ControlContact Sport SRS is past its effective performance threshold for that corresponding weather condition.

So, when the snow symbol disappears at 5/32” of tread remaining, that means it’s time to get a fresh set if you’re planning on using the ControlContact Sport SRS in the winter. The rain symbol will disappear when 4/32” of tread depth has been reached, and the sun symbol will finally wear away at 2/32” of remaining tread. This effectively takes the guesswork out of whether your tires are safe for use in snow, rain, or even on a dry road surface.

Combined with a uniform pressure distribution system built in to its design, Continental’s intention is for you to not need to check the Tuned Performance Indicators of the Sport SRS for as long a time as possible.

Traction and Handling

Continental’s patented +Silance Technology contains silane additives that enhance the ControlContact Sport SRS’s grip and road-holding ability on wet roads. With traction grooves that lay down additional grip on snow and in cold weather, confidence in your high-powered vehicle to find grip is the last thing to worry about when it’s time to hit the road.

But here’s where the fun stuff comes in. Its macro-sized tread blocks optimize its footprint and stiffness distribution, making for precise and predictable grip under hard cornering and acceleration. The Sport SRS’s high strength 2-ply sidewall can also help you power out of your favorite corner with supreme confidence.

Continental was also sure to retain the quiet and comfortable cruising characteristics the ControlContact Sport AS was known for, subjecting the Sport SRS to the same testing standards for ride comfort and noise, vibration and harshness (NVH).


The Continental ControlContact Sport SRS come in W and Y speed ratings in a range of 17-inch to 21-inch wheel sizes (in squared and staggered fitments). These tires are perfect for sportscar owners or those who drive premium luxury sedans and crossovers that put down a good amount of power but want the reliable grip of an ultra-high performance all-season tire.

It can be difficult to find a tire that’s born both to rip, cruise, and lay down a reliable and comfortable ride in unpredictable weather over a long period of time. Continental believes they have exactly that in the ControlContact Sport SRS, and so do we—that’s why it’s a Discount Tire exclusive!