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Simple Tire Buying

Whether you’re searching for tires online or in person, Discount Tire makes the process as simple and straightforward as possible.

Tires can be complicated. From aspect ratios and section width measurements, speed ratings and load capacities on down to which actual type of tire is best for your vehicle and your driving needs, our job is to make tires simple. If you’re just starting your research or you have a flat and you’re trying to figure out your next move, we’re here to help!

Simple Tire Recommendations

It doesn’t matter whether you visit one of our stores in person or you’re trying to find the best set of tires for your ride online – our priority is to recommend the best tires for your location, commute, interest or hobby. By providing simple tire recommendations, our hope is to leave you feeling confident about your decision.

Simple Tire Coupons, Deals and Rebates

  • We always have active tire promotions that we display and message as clearly and simply as possible. Mixed in between big seasonal coupons, rebates and the manufacturer discounts that we’re able to offer directly, there’s always a way to save at Discount Tire.

Simple Tire Reviews

  • From the detailed input from our customers on tires and wheels to specific Discount Tire locations, our comprehensive and informative reviews and ratings help drive the purchase home for many of our customers both figuratively and literally!

The Largest Inventory of Tires Available

  • Our expansive inventory and warehouse network ensures that the specific tires you need are only ever a couple days away no matter where you live. If you want to get ahead of the rush for winter tires or it’s time to replace the hard-to-find set of OE tires that came on your vehicle, our goal is to make the process as simple as possible.

Simple Tire Service

  • Every set of tires or wheels purchased at Discount Tire includes lifetime tire maintenance – tire rotations, balancing, tire air pressure checks and flat repair. And if you opt for our proprietary “Certificates for Repair, Refund or Replacement” within 30 days of your purchase, you’ll gain a no-questions-asked coverage on your tires all the way down to 3/32” of tread.

Here’s an example of our service model working to benefit you in a way that other online-only tire retailers simply can’t compete with:

Let’s say you’re looking for tires for your Toyota 4Runner or a similar truck – usually pretty large tires that can get expensive in a hurry. Using our simple tire guides and customer reviews, you can find the perfect set of all-terrain tires or a more aggressive mud-terrain tire to match your needs.

From here, you can have them delivered to your nearest Discount Tire for installation, or have them delivered to your home or a different third-party installer via Discount Tire Direct if you don’t live near one of our locations.

When you complete your purchase, you get the following for free for the life of the tire:

  • Balancing and rebalancing
  • Flat repair
  • Tire condition and safety inspections
  • Tire rotations

Now, let’s say you’re off-roading and you puncture a tire on a sharp rock. If you purchased Certificates for your new tires, we’ll replace this tire for you with a brand new version of the exact same model. It’s a simple tire insurance policy that can go a long way when it comes to protecting your trip, commute, or budget, and it’s something that in most cases we can do for you on the spot when you get your vehicle in to one of our locations.

From there, we’ll mount the replacement tire on the corresponding wheel, inspect and fill your spare to the correct PSI and then return it to its storage area.

And if you’re in a financial pinch or would like to spread out your payments, the Discount Tire credit card is also a great way to take full advantage of our promotions.

A simple truth of being a customer at Discount Tire is that it doesn’t matter what you drive or what it rides on – we’ll always get you taken care of. Stop by any of our locations today!

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