What are Flotation Tires?

Flotation tires, or high flotation tires, describes an alternate format of tire sizing. Flotation tire sizes are typically larger truck tires, but ATV/UTV tires also fall into this category.

What's the Difference between Flotation and Metric tires?

Flotation tires are measured in inches while metric tires are measured in millimeters (except the wheel diameter, which is measured in inches in both cases). Most flotation tire sizes have a metric tire size equivalent. For example, a metric tire size of 265/75R-15 has a flotation tire size equivalent of 31x10.50R-15.

31 = 31 inches tall (diameter)
10.50 = 10.5 inches wide (tire width)
15 = 15 inch wheel (wheel diameter)

Flotation tires are built in both radial and bias construction. Most extreme off-road conditions with minimal to no street use would lean towards using a bias ply tire for added strength and durabilty. Radial tires will provide more comfort and overall longevity, and certainly the more common of the two construction types.

Flotation-to-Metric Conversion

Here are some more examples of flotation tire sizes and the metric equivalent:

Flotation Tire Conversion
14" Tire Sizes
Flotation Metric
27x8.50R-14 215/75R-14
15" Tire Sizes
Flotation Metric
26x7.50R-15 195/70R-15
27x8.50R-15 215/70R-15
30x9.50R-15 255/70R-15
31x10.50R-15 265/75R-15
17" Tire Sizes
Flotation Metric
33x12.50R-17 315/70R-17
18" Tire Sizes
Flotation Metric
33x12.50R-18 305/60R-18
35x11.50R-18 295/70R-18
35x12.50R-18 325/65R-18
20" Tire Sizes
Flotation Metric
33x11.50R-20 285/60R-20
33x12.50R-20 305/55R-20
35x11.50R-20 295/65R-20
35x12.50R-20 315/60R-20
22" Tire Sizes
Flotation Metric
33x12.50R-22 305/45R-22

If you have any questions about flotation tires or what tire might be the right option for you, please give us a call or stop by your local Discount Tire store and we'll get you taken care of.

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