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Golf Cart & Garden Tires

Just like that, the telltale signs of spring are here. It's finally warming up outside and your lawn is green again. You go to take care of some yard work and as you pull your lawn mower or wheelbarrow out, you see that it has a flat tire (much to your dismay).

Lawn mower tires

Here’s the good news: Discount Tire not only sells and installs lawn mower tires, but our selection of Carlisle riding lawn mower and landscaping tires can handle turf of any kind or condition.

And with a variety of different tread patterns, from lawn mower tires designed for working in mud and wet conditions to others that won't leave ruts in your lawn or putting green, there are a variety of options to choose from!

Our in-store technicians and online service experts can also help you decide which kind of tread to go with, whether you run a landscaping business, maintain a golf course or you're a weekend warrior who’s just trying to fit mowing the lawn into a busy weekend itinerary.

Wheelbarrow tires

First of all, it might be a surprise to some but Discount Tire actually does carry a selection of wheelbarrow tires.

Not only that, but our low-price guarantee applies to everything in our inventory, not just automotive tires and wheels. If your wheelbarrow has a flat, check out our selection of 6-inch, 8-inch and universal Carlisle wheelbarrow tire and wheel assemblies before you try to knock out some chores on a flat.

Golf cart tires

To double down on getting the most out of your weekend, don't let the air out of the excitement of hitting the links because your golf cart has a flat.

First of all, whether you own your own golf cart or you're in charge of maintaining a fleet of golf carts for a local club or course, Discount Tire's selection of Carlisle and E-Z-Go golf cart tires are great for use both on and off the fairway.

We also know not everyone uses golf carts strictly for golfing, which is why we stock several different sizes and tread patterns of golf cart tires and wheels that work just as well for shuttling passengers around the neighborhood or across the grounds of a facility or golf course.

To sum it all up, from golf carts and small electric utility vehicles to riding lawn mowers and wheelbarrows, if it has tires there's a good chance Discount Tire can help you out if they go flat.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, stop by your local Discount Tire and we'll get you taken care of!

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