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Rim Repair and Refinishing

Are your wheels showing signs of wear and tear, or just not looking their best? We can help! Whether from damage or age, in most cases we can repair or refinish your wheels so that they look new again. * This service is available at participating locations only.

  • Safe, first-rate wheel repair service for scrapes, gouges, and bends
  • OEM-matched paint, powder coating, alloy repair and re-chroming
  • Most repairs/refinishes complete in 24 to 48 hours

Wheel Repair - Safety First

A marred surface may not be the only problem with a damaged wheel. Potholes and other road hazards can create damage that is not easily seen, and can impact the safety, ride quality, and performance of your vehicle.

Before we restore the look and finish of your wheels, our experts will inspect them for any bent areas. If they are safe to straighten, your wheels will be repaired with specialized tools to be true and balanceable. This process ensures you can rely on your wheels to perform as well as when they left the factory.

In some cases, a wheel may be determined by our experts to be unsafe to repair. If so, we can recommend replacement options.

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Curb Rash Repair

Road hazards, inclement weather and parallel parking can all take their toll on the look of your rims. Though these types of unsightly damages are often unavoidable, they can be reversed. We can revive the affected areas of curb damage, chips, gouges and corrosion with artistic precision.

After cleaning the wheel and repairing the structure and integrity of the face, lip and spokes, we apply the primer, paint and clear-coat – or re-chrome the wheel – exactly according to the original color and style.

Before and after of a repaired rim

Custom Wheel Paint Options

With a wide array of color options – including OEM colors to match your vehicle – you can redefine “like new” with a custom paint or powder coat color. You can even choose multi-tone combinations to offset the spokes, pockets, or barrel and create a unique new look for your ride. Consult with our experts for details on how your vehicle can have truly extraordinary wheels.

Stop in or call your nearest store for a consultation on any wheel repair or customization needs:

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