Windshield Wipers

You can buy and have windshield wipers installed at any of our locations!

You know how important your tires are when a storm is in the forecast. But how are your windshield wipers looking? Because your safety is our priority, we’re selling and installing windshield wipers at our 1000+ locations (all at our famous unbeatable prices).

The best part? We’ll install your new wiper blades for free during your tire or wheel service.

Don’t worry about finding the right wiper blade to fit your vehicle: we’ll take care of that too! We actively stock wiper blades for the overwhelming majority of all vehicles on the road, with about 98% coverage.

TRICO Wiper Blades at Discount Tire

We stock TRICO wiper blades, a windshield wiper brand with over a century of history producing premium windshield wiper blades. TRICO produces wiper blades that are engineered to perform by incorporating the latest wiper blade technology and innovations in the industry. We only carry wiper blades that meet our exacting quality standards, so you can be sure you’re getting a quality set of windshield wipers at an even better price.

Want to install your windshield wipers yourself? No problem—just let the store employee you’re working with know you want to DIY after your tire or wheel service! 


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Whether you’re looking for windshield wipers, tires or wheels (or all three!), we’ll get you taken care of. Schedule an appointment at your nearest store and we’ll help you get a clearer view of the road ahead!

Need to re-up or replace your tires while you’re at it? We’ve got you fully covered with our industry-leading inventory of tires (and our unbeatable low prices)! And check out our huge inventory of aftermarket rims and wheels to turn your double whammy into a triple threat!