Golf Cart Tires

You’ve got your clubs packed and you’re ready to hit the links. But before you head out to the green, how are your golf cart tires looking?

Tires for your Golf Cart

Very few things can slice up your game quicker than a set of bad golf cart tires. (That and getting caught in a sand trap, of course.)

But whether you’re dealing with a flat golf cart tire or an old set that needs replacing, we’ve got a range of tires for golf carts and can get you back on the green in no time. We have great options from E-Z Go, Carlisle and Vision, so whenever you’re ready for a new set, we’re ready to get you taken care of.

And of course, we all know that some golf carts spend most of their time zipping around the neighborhood rather than going the full 18 on the green. 

So, if you’re re-upping the rubber on a neighborhood-cruising golf cart, we’ve got you covered there too. In fact, the E-Z Go Backlash may be the choice for you, as it makes a trek around the hood easy and fun. 

No matter what you use your golf cart for or the size of its tires (including 8, 10, and 12-inch golf cart tires) we’ve got the biggest selection and prices on golf cart tires out there.

Golf Cart Wheels and Tires

We’re all about upgrading your golf cart wheels and tires before wheeling and dealing on the course.

Check out our sleek-looking golf cart wheels, such as our options from Fairway Wheels to see how serious an upgrade a new set of golf cart rims can actually be.

Just imagine how great you’d feel riding across the course with a brand new golf cart wheel and tire combo.

 Whether you want to trick out your golf cart or you just need to replace a rusted out rim, you can get it all done when you stop by one of our stores. 

When you’re ready to upgrade the tires (and wheels) on your golf cart, feel free to swing on by your nearest store at your convenience or schedule an appointment to save time. You can even find and buy your golf cart wheels and tires online!