TPMS Services

Is your Tire Pressure Monitoring System light on? All of our store locations can help diagnose and fix any situation involving TPMS alerts. We’ll identify your TPMS issue at no charge. We’ll then provide solutions to the problem, and you can choose the best option for your budget.

Usually, a TPMS alert means one or more of your tires has lost air pressure. To resolve this for you we can run a check, refill your tires, and reset the TPMS so you can safely get back on the road.

Sometimes, a TPMS alert means one or more of the TPMS sensor batteries has died. In this situation, you may need to replace the TPMS sensor. All of our store locations can perform these replacement services for you.

It’s important to note that vehicles manufactured prior to 2007 may not be equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system. If your vehicle is missing this important safety feature, stop by your local Discount Tire store to inquire about our TPMS retrofit kits.