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In the world of tires, there’s rarely ever a best one tire for any vehicle. Choosing the ideal tire depends greatly upon the season, local weather patterns and climate, along with the age of the vehicle and your own driving habits.

However, despite the wide variety of specialty tires available on the market today, all-season tires are designed with the average driver and the majority of standard road conditions in mind.

All-season tires are the go-anywhere, everyday, tennis shoes of tires.

Designed for versatility and to perform in a variety of wet and light-winter driving conditions, all-season tires are made with the average day-to-day driver in mind. Unless your driving plans include racing, off-roading, or driving frequently through heavy snow or on ice, chances are that all-season tires are right for your needs.

We’ve put together a list of our top-selling all-season tires. This list is based on past-season data, and includes items from some of the best tire brands available in our inventory. Check out our most popular tires, and shop tires made specially to fit your vehicle below:

Best Seller: Michelin Defender T+H

The Michelin Defender is one of our best-selling tires. The Defender T+H is a well-balanced tire, designed for all-season performance, a comfortable ride, and a long-lasting tread life (guaranteed up to 80,000 miles). Made to fit most coupes, crossovers, sedans, and minivans, this tire is ideal for drivers seeking longevity without sacrificing comfort or handling.

Michelin Defender T + H top 50% three views shaded

Special features:

  • MaxTouch Construction™ - Aimed at increasing the tire’s life, Michelin’s MaxTouch Construction helps improve distribution of the tire’s contact points. This design tweak has been proven to increase the average tire’s lifetime by +15%.
  • EverTread™ - Exceptionally tough engineered rubber compound. Also contributes to long-lasting tread life.
  • IntelliSipe™ - Maximizes the number of sipes in the tire. This allows for a reduced starting tread depth and lower rolling resistance, translating to more confident braking, fuel savings, and an overall smoother ride.

Top Safety Pick: Michelin Premier LTX

A crossover and SUV tire developed with safety as a focus, the Michelin Premier LTX tire offers improved traction in adverse weather conditions.

three tire view of michelin premier ltx

Through Evergrip Technology (high silica content that increases the tires’ ability to stick to wet or dry roads) Michelin’s Premier LTX is one of our top picks for safety-conscious buyers. Coupled with it’s exceptional tread life guaranteed over 60,000 miles, this tire is also a top pick for those seeking longevity and value.

Best All-Around Pick: Yokohama YK740 GTX

The Yokohama YK740 GTX is sold exclusively by Discount Tire, and is one of our most well-balanced tires. Designed to prioritize excellent traction in all-season conditions, the YK740 GTX is also very long-lasting, and provides an exceptionally quiet ride.

yokohama yk740 gtx three tire view

Special features:

  • State-of-the-art traction - The YK740 GTX is engineered using an ELS Orange Oil rubber compound formed into its signature wide tread profile. The treads themselves feature both straight circumferential and angled lateral grooves. These small adjustments result in added traction in wet and wintry conditions, offering confident performance, relentless grip, and responsive handling no matter the weather.
  • A smooth year-round ride - The GTX’s multi-pitch treads—in addition to warding off wear and tear for more than 60,000 miles—also deliver an exceptionally smooth, quiet ride. Looking for excellent all-season traction and a quiet ride for your passenger car, crossover, or minivan? The Yokohama YK740 GTX may be the perfect option. Shop this tire exclusively at Discount Tire.

Fuel Efficiency Pick: Continental Control Contact Tour A/S Plus

Last but not least on our Top Picks list comes the Continental Control Contact Tour A/S Plus. With its great balance of fuel efficiency, comfort, reliability and confident all-season traction, Continental ControlContact Tour A/S Plus tires are a fantastic fit for any standard passenger or family vehicle.

three tire view of continental control contact tour as plus

Cost savings come into play in a big way with the ControlContact Tour A/S Plus’ ECO Plus™ technology. Through advanced tread design patterns, the ControlContact Tour A/S Plus tires are proven to increase fuel efficiency, reducing time and money spent at the gas pump. Simultaneously, full-depth sipes and deep grooves provide drivers with top-tier traction in virtually all seasons and standard weather conditions.

To help get the most of your vehicle, choose the Continental ControlContact Tour A/S Plus tire, sold exclusively at Discount Tire.

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