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All-terrain tires are an engineering marvel.

Unlike all-season tires, all-terrain tires (commonly referred to as AT’s) are designed with off-roading and inclement weather conditions in mind. As in: you’re seeking these elements out, rather than inadvertently being exposed to them.

But the tread on all-terrain tires isn’t as deep as full-on mud terrain tires, which allows them to ride smoother and with far less road noise.

While all-terrain tires are typically suited for trucks and SUVs, most popular models also come in sizes that fit crossovers, wagons, trailers, and even some cars. Such is the popularity of this category of vehicle tires that in 2020 (and for the foreseeable future) manufacturers are aggressively developing and marketing all-terrain tires beyond the traditional pickup truck or SUV fitment that we had become so used to over the last couple of decades.

But in this post, we’re picking the best of the best all-terrain tires for snow, rocky trails and everything in-between that are available on the market today.

Popular Pick: BFGoodrich All Terrain T/A KO2

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From the creators of the world’s very first all-terrain tire comes the “Baja Champion” BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2.

The BFG KO2 is one of the most sought-after tires in the recreational all-terrain category, but has also proved itself to be a true workhorse when you’re not in the thick of it just for fun.

Instantly transforming any vehicle into a capable off-roader, the KO2 lays down performance all year long and in virtually any driving condition.

BFG KO2 Design Features:

  • 20% wider sidewall (BFGoodrich CoreGuard Technology) compared with the original BFGoodrich All-Terrain KO. This extra thickness helps the KO2 resist splitting and bruising, even when driving on the toughest rocky trails.

  • Its Advanced Deflection System protects its structural integrity for situations where you need to switch to low-range 4WD or air down.

  • KO2 tires are 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake-Rated, meaning they exceed the Rubber Manufacturer Association’s requirements for traction in severe snow and winter weather. This rating guarantees high-performance on ice and snow, making the KO2s among our top picks among all-terrain winter tire options this year.

  • A series of interlocking open tread patterns work together to create its Advanced Tread Design, which provides stable handling both on and off road. A stabilized tread center further enhances everyday traction.

  • Serrated Shoulder Design maximizes grip in mud, snow, and over rocks (especially when tire pressure is aired down).

  • Footprint Designed for Longevity: BFGoodrich spent years perfecting the KO2’s footprint. As a result, its contact patch better distributes weight, which helps it to last longer than its competitors. Combined with the unique design of its locking 3D sipes, you can expect even wear across the life of your set of All-Terrain T/A KO2s.

Also included standard with the T/A KO2 is a 50,000-mile, 6-year warranty (down to 3/32” of wear), backed by BFGoodrich.

Budget Meets Performance: The Pathfinder AT

three tire view of pathfinder AT

In the world of all-terrain tires, there's one tire that has become synonymous with budget-friendly performance: the Discount Tire exclusive Pathfinder AT all-terrain tire.

The Pathfinder AT tire adventures as hard as you do. Designed to provide powerful go-anywhere traction and the longest-lasting tread life possible, you can count on the Pathfinder to go toe-to-toe with more expensive AT tires.

Special Design Features

  • Durable Design: Fashioned from a durable rubber compound, a set of Pathfinders will serve you well from rough off-roading conditions to your everyday commute.

  • Hydroplane Resistance: Because all-terrain tires have to handle every sort of weather, these Pathfinder tires are built with zigzag circumferential grooves designed to rapidly clear water from the contact patch. The result is increased hydroplane resistance, giving you confident traction in wet weather. Not only that, but these zigzag grooves also stick to uneven and nonsolid dirt, delivering exceptional traction in off-roading conditions

  • Flexible All-Season Performance: The Pathfinder also features a dense siping pattern, which adds thousands of extra biting edges that enhance grip in all weather conditions without sacrificing tread block stability. The interconnected rib-tread blocks stabilize the tread pattern for responsive handling and precise steering control. These features give Pathfinder AT-equipped vehicles a smooth ride, making them a solid all-around road tire.

Included with every Pathfinder AT purchase is a 55,000-mile treadwear warranty. This warranty is slightly higher than most, thanks to their long-lasting durable design and reputation for quality.

Still want proof that a tire can be budget-friendly and comfortable all while laying down hardworking all-terrain traction? Outfit your light truck or SUV with a set of Pathfinder AT tires today.

Fuel Efficiency Pick: Goodyear Wrangler UltraTerrain AT

three tire view of goodyear wrangler ultraterrain

Drivers seeking exceptional comfort as well as confidence should examine Goodyear’s Wrangler UltraTerrain.

Another of our exclusives, the UltraTerrain is engineered to deliver a comfortable highway ride and while still creating grabbing all-terrain grip. Through aggressive tread patterns, TractiveGroove Technology, and a specialized, rugged all-terrain tread compound, the Wrangler UltraTerrain effectively resists everything from jobsite punctures to trail-hazard chunking.

Sound too good to be true? This tire is also great in winter driving conditions. 3-peak mountain snowflake-rated, The Wrangler UltraTerrain is certified for snowy-weather performance and will get you where you’re going no matter the conditions.

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