New Tire: Falken Pro G5 A/S

By: Discount Tire

The latest entrant to the all-season touring tire segment, the Falken Pro G5 A/S makes a case for being the new go-to performance all season replacement tire for compact and full-sized vehicles.

With a slew of new design features normally seen on more expensive tires, you can get value, longevity, reliability and confidence all on top of the thrill of sport-oriented grip with this new Falken.

Traction features

With groove cross points enmeshed across the center tread of the tire specifically to enhance biting grip in winter or snow conditions, it’s a tire that’s meant to be driven on at a moment’s notice—no matter the weather conditions.

Falken’s proprietary 3D Canyon Sipe Technology takes things a step further by increasing the Pro G5 A/S’s shoulder edges for a second level of ice traction and rigidity on turns.

These features combined with its overall high sipe density make for enhanced all-season drivability and road-holding confidence.

Handling features

Compared to its predecessor (the Pro G4 A/S) the Falken Pro G5 A/S sports stiffer shoulder ribs and a decreased void ratio that bring out the sport-oriented handling capabilities of your vehicle in a substantially more noticeable way.

On top of this, Falken’s Dynamic Range Technology (DRT) is infused in the rubber compound of the Pro G5 A/S. Wondering what DRT is? In a nutshell it’s a special rubber compound mixture that allows the tire rubber to create and retain chemical bonding. This makes for a stronger overall tire in dry conditions, excellent handling and wear performance in all conditions, and overall flexibility in lower temperatures.

Comfort features

But the Pro G5 A/S isn’t just a performance all-season tire. With Tension Control Technology (TCT), this is Falken’s proprietary casing profile that provides a more flexible sidewall—enhancing shock absorption for a quiet and comfortable ride around town or at cruising speeds.


With H (130 mph) and V (149 mph) speed ratings, it can handle the power of sporty vehicle types or add a little performance to your more basic subcompact, compact, coupe, sedan or crossover.

In sizes that fit 15-inch to 19-inch diameter wheels, they can also pair up nicely with your stock or aftermarket wheels.

With a 60,000 mile warranty, the Falken Pro G5 A/S was built to last and lay down reliable performance for the duration of the driving you’ll do.

With safety, highway ride comfort and all season grip at the forefront of its research and development, the successor for the beloved Falken Pro G4 in many sizes, the Falken Pro G5 A/S is both a welcome newcomer to this tire segment and an exclusive to Discount Tire!

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