Introducing the Fuel Off-Road Block – Ken Block Partners with Fuel Wheels

If you’re a fan of internet-famous stunt rally driver Ken Block, then you'll be as pumped as we are about his partnership with Wheel Pros. These new wheels include the Rotiform KB1 and the Fuel Off-Road Block.

Whether you’re a veteran ‘hoonigan’ or you’re new to the motor-madness Ken Block and his team get up to, you’ve likely seen the thrilling videos they’ve put together showcasing their automotive exploits.

(If you’re not familiar, Ken Block is renowned the world over for his rally racing, car stunts, and wildly popular Gymkhana videos.)

As Wheel Pros put it, “[Ken’s] driving talent and rally car expertise have pushed the limits of what is possible in the world of motorsports…”

But we’re ultimately here to talk shop on the specs of the Fuel Block.

Fuel Block Wheel Specs

First, this 6-spoke truck and SUV rim comes chock full of off-road styling and rugged durability. And any KB fan will appreciate the fine details that make this wheel really stand out.

Window vents on the rim flange help it stay cool under pressure, while giving it the rally-race inspired look. More off-road notes can be seen in the wicked simulated beadlock ring. Throw in the F-stamped center cap and you’ve got mad Fuel swagger that brings this off-road symphony to a crescendo. 

Whether you’re turning heads on the streets or tearing up the trails, the Fuel Block has the look and build to do it all. Plus, you can choose your personal “Ken-spired” style with three unique finishes: Anthracite, Matte Black or Bronze.

Finally, the closing notes on this masterpiece of a wheel are Ken Block’s signature number “43” and the spoke embossed with the iconic Fuel logo. According the folks Fuel, these are the “final touches that bring enthusiasts one step closer to being a part of the team.”

One of the best things about the autumn launch of these new wheels? It’s just in time to put the Fuel Block right at the top of our personal gift lists. As we all know, a new set of wheels is perhaps one of the best gifts you can give, especially to an enthusiast!

(And if you’re looking for other great gift ideas this holiday season, check out our gift guide!)

Ken Block and Wheel Pros Partnership

Bringing together the creator of some of the most spectacular stunt driving with the builders of some of the most popular wheels on the market today, this partnership is set to put the power of rally-ready performance in your hands. 

Wheel Pros chief marketing officer Brian Henderson punctuated the collaboration on behalf of the Wheel Pros brand. 

“Ken, a true automotive enthusiast and great creative mind, brings tremendous value to the table as Wheel Pros further concretes itself as the pinnacle in the wheel and tire business,” Henderson said.

A quick glance at the new Rotiform KB1 and the Fuel Off-Road Block, shows you that these wheels marry Ken Bloock’s unique styling cues and performance-oriented mindset with Rotiform and Fuel’s dedication to form and function. And they really put the FUN in function.

Whether you’re looking to give your daily driver a bit of aggressive flair or you’re prepping your off-road rig for serious performance and next-level style, the Fuel Block is going to be the wheel of choice for many truck, SUV and Jeep drivers—of that we’re certain.

In fact, the launch of these Ken Block wheels was such a big event, he brought all of his vehicles together for the first time. What’s more, they’re all outfitted in Wheels Pros rims. "Ken Block’s entire fleet – from the SVC Ford Raptor to legendary Ford RS200 have been outfitted with new wheels from Rotiform, Fuel Off-Road, American Racing and American Force.”

About the partnership, Ken Block had this to say: 

“It’s been a wild ride to work with Wheel Pros. What I’m most stoked about is the ability to work with their team of engineers to take my ideas and concepts for brand new wheel designs and make them a reality.”

And boy are we glad they did. The reality of the new Fuel Block is perhaps the exact off-road wheel we’ve been waiting for. Just look at the thing!

Whether you’re getting ready to upgrade your rig with the Hoonigan look of the new Fuel Block or you’re hunting for something else, we’ve got a wide array of great wheel options out there for you. And if you want to see how great a new set of rims will look on your ride, check out our wheel visualizer!

When you’re ready to up the ante and give yourself (or someone else) a style and performance boost with a new set of wheels, feel free to schedule an appointment at your nearest location. Or just drop on by; walk-ins are always welcome.