Austin Cindric: 10 Quick Questions

By: Discount Tire

austin cindric in his race car

For the #22 Discount Tire Ford Mustang, NASCAR Xfinity Series driver Austin Cindric is proudly sponsored by Discount Tire on his journey with Team Penkse.

Hometown: Mooresville, NC
Favorite food: Boneless Wings
Favorite vacation destination: Indy 500
Favorite sports team: Indianapolis Colts
Favorite racing movie: Rush
Guilty pleasure: Sour Candy


What’s your current daily driver?

Ford Mustang GT (Burgundy with black wheels)

What are some of your favorite vehicles (personally and professionally) that you’ve driven?

Shelby GT350R, McLaren 650S Race car, LeMans style Prototype, 1965 Mini Cooper.

What’s your pre-race routine like?

I don't have anything specific, but every once and a while I'll watch clips from some of my favorite action movies to get me pumped for qualifying.

When you’re not getting ready for the next race how do you occupy your free time during the season?

Obviously the off-season is a good time to catch up and spend time with family, especially since it falls right around the holidays. I also have a project car that I've been working on (1990's station wagon) that I would like to complete in the off-season this year.

How do you unwind between races? In the offseason?

I'll review and take notes on my most recent race, and then always be focusing on the next week or the next event. The great thing about having such a busy schedule, is that we are usually racing again the following week.

What are your predictions for NASCAR over the next 5/10/20 years?

As far as the cars, I can see them becoming more reminiscent of their street car counterparts, as far is technically and aesthetically. As far as the racing, I think our fans love seeing variety in the tracks we race at, so I'd expect that to continue in the same direction.

What has been the most exciting moment of your career?

Most recently, my NASCAR Xfinity Series Win at Watkins Glen. A nail biter finish, with a pass on the last lap for the win, all for my first win in the series, and my first win for Team Penske. 

Who is your hero?

As far racing goes, Greg Moore is my hero. My helmet is designed to tribute him and his career, which has always been a fun story to tell. Growing up I've also idolized guys like Helio Castroneves and Rick Mears, being fortunate enough to know and grow up around them.

What’s something most people don’t know about NASCAR that they should?

In general, the physical tolerances you have to develop as a driver as well as the heat tolerances, are hard to be able to give perspective on without being able to experience it. Along with the mental stress/challenges.

What has been your favorite interaction with Discount Tire as a partner?

I love seeing the employees and Discount Tire folks who get the opportunity to come to some of our races. Everyone's enthusiasm towards what I get to do on the competition side is a lot of fun to see, and great motivation on race day before I get in the car.