Nissan 400Z tire and wheel predictions

nissan 400z tires on a vehicle

In one form or another, the ubiquitous Nissan (or Datsun) “Z” has been around for quite a long time. With the ride of the Z34 generation coming to a close after over a decade of providing accessible performance, we’re all wondering where Nissan will take the 400Z.

The juiciest rumors include ripping the twin-turbo V6 out of the Infiniti Q50 Red Sport 400 and dropping it in a much more sloping and classic-looking coupe chassis. 400 horsepower out of a true coupe (and likely retro-inspired) design? Sign us up.

But we all know we’re here to take a shot at what kind of rubber the 400Z is going to use to lay this power down.

So we’ll start with the platform that’s providing the engine and internals for the 400Z: the Q50 Red Sport 400.

Infiniti Q50 Red Sport 400 tire and wheel sizes

It’s kind of a base requirement for any high-powered sports car to ride on a staggered setup, and we aren’t expecting anything else from at least the mid and higher trim levels (such as a NISMO variant) of the 400Z.

So while the Red Sport 400 rides on squared 19 x 9.5 inch wheels, it does so on 245/40R19 section width tires up front and 265/35R19 at the rear: all on summer performance run-flat tires.

A notable distinction to make is that the 400Z will likely be a shorter wheelbase than this high-powered sedan, (even if they do share the same overall platform) so the aspect ratios and section width options are really anyone’s guess at this point.

But we do feel pretty good about Nissan bringing the 400Z to market with 19-inch wheels as a result of this shared platform.

Nissan 370Z tire and wheel sizes

But there’s also plenty to pick up on from the outgoing 370Z.

With wheel sizes anywhere from the aluminum alloy staggered 18” x 8” front and 18” x 9” rear sizes of the base 370Z on up to the 19” x 9” and 19” x 10” forged and 19" x 9.5" front and 19" x 10.5" rear forged alloy wheels on the NISMO 370Z, we can’t imagine Nissan will stray too far in terms of wheel size for the 400Z—no matter whether it’s RWD or AWD.

The Nissan 370Z original equipment tire offerings might also offer some insight into what tires to expect for the 400Z.

Assuming there’s an entry-level 400Z (or lower-powered engine on offer after its launch) we would expect at least some carryover from the current OE tire offerings for the 370Z, which include:

The OE tire options for the outgoing Nissan Z represent a good mix of high performance and everyday drivability—traits at the core of the Z experience over 50 years of production.

Be sure to return here for more analysis as we learn more about the Nissan 400Z and the tires and wheels it’ll debut on, and be sure to check out our current inventory if you’re looking to re-up on fresh rubber or up the ante on the performance of your Nissan or Infiniti.