New Tire – Nitto NT420V

By: Discount Tire

Let us guess: you want a great-performing summer tire for your high-powered pickup truck, SUV or crossover—but you don’t want to pay high-end prices?

Tire manufacturers are in a precarious position right now. Vehicles in general are getting bigger in every way. Taller. Wider. Longer. More powerful.

In many respects we think this is a good thing. You can effectively have your weekend cruiser or “fun” car double as your primary grocery-getter and kid-hauler. With high performance variants of pretty much every major premium SUV and CUV on the market, drivers are looking for more options when their vehicle’s original equipment tires are ready to be replaced.

And now a fresh contender enters the mix.

The Nitto NT420V

Described by Nitto as a luxury truck and SUV tire, the conception of the NT420V placed a premium on everyday drivability and on-demand performance.

It’s for those of us who can’t resist every opportunity to mash the throttle when there’s clear traffic and the kids aren’t in the back.


Make no mistake: the Nitto NT420V is a beefy tire.

There’s a lot of rubber being put on the road, from its oversized outer tread blocks to the razor-thin sipes that crisscross across its footprint to claw to a paved road surface when it’s time to put the power down or take a fast corner in your top or front-heavy pickup, SUV or crossover.

It even comes in LT-metric sizes, for some of the biggest and baddest trucks out there.

Whether your truck or SUV is all-wheel drive, has a turbo-diesel, a smaller displacement (or V8) twin-turbo, is supercharged or even electrified, the Nitto NT420V is the tire to get the most power out of your vehicle.

Everyday drivability

Another outstanding feature of the NT420V is that even when you are commuting or carrying precious cargo it won’t jar you and your passengers with a rough ride or create excessive tire noise.

In fact, the design of its network of asymmetric sipes and gridded tread blocks work in cohesion to vary the pitch of the overall noise these tires make while rotating, reducing or eliminating the droning frequencies that can even sometimes be heard at highway speeds in some of the most luxurious SUVs and crossovers available today.

Take a closer look at the NT420V’s tread grooves. One is straight-on, to wick water out from under the tire when driving a straight line. The other is jagged, for enhanced hydroplaning resistance under wet turning and tight maneuvering.

On top of all of this, it’s built to last. With a 460 UTQG treadwear rating, it’s also non-directional (which means that it can be cross-rotated on non-staggered vehicles).

Nitto’s reputation for providing high value for the quality and performance attributes across all of its tires is alive and well in the NT420V.

Crossovers, Trucks and SUVs for the Nitto NT420V

Performance, safety and comfort are all taken into account with an investment in the Nitto NT420V. It makes for an excellent replacement tire on the following vehicles:


  • MDX
  • RDX



  • A4 allroad
  • Q3
  • Q5
  • SQ5
  • Q7
  • Q8
  • e-tron


BMW (including M-variants)

  • X1
  • X2
  • X3
  • X4
  • X5
  • X6
  • X7


Ford (including tuned EcoBoost and ST variants)

  • Explorer
  • F-150



  • QX30
  • QX50
  • QX60
  • QX80


  • Grand Cherokee (including SRT and Trackhawk


Mercedes (including AMG-variants)

  • GLA
  • GLC
  • GLE
  • GLS
  • G-Class



  • Aviator
  • Corsair
  • Nautilus
  • Navigator



  • GX
  • LX
  • NX
  • RX
  • UX



  • Cayenne
  • Macan



  • Model 3
  • Model Y


If the Nitto NT420V sounds right for you and your top-of-the-line truck or SUV, we can find the perfect size or make it a part of a wheel and tire package. Find your nearest location; we’ll get you taken care of!