What tires should I buy for my Toyota Prius?

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Trims: L Eco, LE, CLE, Limited, LE AWD-e, XLE-AWD-e

About: Mary is a recent college grad who needs her Prius in order to get from her midtown apartment to her downtown job. The roads are rough on her commute, but her new tires need to leave room in her budget for rent, road trips with her roommates (and dog) while ideally lasting as long as possible.

Use: 75% city, 25% highway

Budget: $

Prius tires - our picks

Recommendation #1 - Michelin Defender T + H

Michelin Defender T + H

It can be staggering how much you can save in the long run (or literally down the road) by paying just a little more up front for a quality set of tires. While these Michelin T + H's come in a little toward the top end of the affordable price range for Prius tires, they're an otherwise easy choice based on their 80,000-mile warranty and premium-brand nameplate alone.

The Defender T + H is a tried and true all-season, and should be an upgrade across the board of braking and handling characteristics while maintaining the low rolling resistance fuel economy traits that Prius drivers look for in a set of new tires.

Recommendation #2 - Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring

Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring

With name-brand recognition at a price that can add up to over $100 lower for four when compared to many other Prius tires in this segment, these tires should make driving your Prius both more comfortable and safe.

Just because this is our second choice doesn't mean it's second-best. The Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring is a tire designed for a comfortable and capable ride in dry or wet weather. Plus, with the word "touring" in their actual name and a 70,000-mile warranty, you should be able to rack up some serious distance on these.

This all being said, don't think of touring tires as only being good for highway driving. Even if you use your Prius for mostly city driving and commuting, you'll still have a capable and comfortable ride on these Coopers.

Recommendation #3 - General Altimax RT43

General Altimax RT43

A straightforward passenger tire that boasts all-season grip and a cushioned ride, the General Altimax RT43 is a solid middle-ground choice if you use your Prius more for city driving than highway. With a 75,000-mile warranty to back up its long-wearing tread design, its distinct network of sipes and channels would help any front or all-wheel drive Prius feel planted and confident.

For these reasons, the Altimax RT43 would make for a particularly good choice for a Prius owner who lives in a part of the country that gets a lot of rain or where the road surfaces aren't always the smoothest.

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