What wheels should I buy for my Toyota Tacoma?

by: Discount Tire

What wheels should I buy for my Toyota Tacoma?

The Toyota Tacoma has been one of the most popular mid-size pickup trucks (if not the most popular) for years. One of the features that has made it so popular is the simple – and seemingly endless – array of ways to customize it to look and perform to your liking.

Be it for off or on-road purposes, lifts and other after-market modifications can be a great way to distinguish your Tacoma and dial in the performance you want out of it.

Making its debut in 1995, the Tacoma was named after the indigenous people’s name for the majestic Mt. Rainier in Washington state. Fittingly, it has been produced in North America for (mostly) North American markets as a truck capable to handle terrains like that of its namesake.

Recent model years have featured several different trim packages, including their highly coveted TRD setups. (Toyota Racing Development is the arm of Toyota creating tuning products and accessories specifically for their vehicles.) As a matter of fact, these custom-style TRD equipped packages are featured in three of the 2020 Tacoma trim levels (the Off-Road, Sport and Pro).

However, you and many other "Taco" enthusiasts could argue that having Toyota customize your Tacoma takes the fun out of it. As they are Toyota parts, TRD wheels and/or other mods might seem like the path of least resistance but customizing your vehicle at the Toyota dealer provides limited options and the price is definitely what you’d expect for dealership parts and labor.

Tacoma modifications: join the club

Those that have a true passion for Tacoma mods have formed their own community to share valuable info and show off the cool customizations they’ve dreamed up for their trucks. Fittingly, several web forums are dedicated to these Tacoma owners for exactly that purpose.

Remember, though there are no shortage of opinions online, you’ll want to consult an expert to make sure the aftermarket equipment you choose for your truck is a proper fit and safe to operate.

A quick way to get the ball rolling for changing the look and performance of your Tacoma is new wheels (plus new matching tires). Build your wheel and tire package today, or have the experts at your local Discount Tire get you taken care of.

Which brings us to some of our favorite wheels right now that we think would look awesome and deliver the performance you desire for your Tacoma. Like many folks these days, we are favoring the look of black rims on the Tacoma, though we have a seemingly countless array of styles and finishes.

Most of our wheel recommendations below would work without lifting or further modifying your Tacoma for a proper fit, other than possibly needing to package them with a great new set of tires to really complete the form and function you’re going for.

Note: Our focus below is on third generation Tacoma trucks; some 2015 and older Tacoma models have five-lug wheels and not all of these recommendations would apply. If you own an older Tacoma, there are plenty of options you can check out via this site or talk to one of our experts at your local Discount Tire store.

Toyota Tacoma wheels – our picks

Vision Rocker

Our first choice comes to you from Vision Wheels, the most popular brand among our Tacoma-owning customers, and by a fairly wide margin. The Vision Rocker looks classy yet assertive, and is ready to go off-road. The mesh style design comes in a wide variety of diameters and widths, with three finishes to choose from: Satin Black, Anthracite w/Satin Black Lip, or Chrome. The aggressive look can be further enhanced by some chunky all-terrain or mud terrain tires.

XD Series XD820 Grenade

For a rugged industrial look, consider the XD Series XD820 Grenade. Also available in several diameters and widths, it features mesh style design, machined rivets around the lip and a variety of finishes. Plus, it sports the XD Series warranties: a limited one year finish warranty and a limited lifetime structural warranty.

Helo HE878

Helo makes our list with a bold wheel for paved roads or 4x4 action. A futuristic and tactical look in matte black, the 9-inch wide Helo HE878 has a choice of diameters from 16 to 20 inches.

Level 8 MK6

For a classier and contemporary look, you could consider a bronze wheel. The Level 8 MK6 six-spoke design was developed for import trucks, and is perfect for a Tacoma. This one-piece cast aluminum wheel also comes in Matte Black and Matte Gunmetal.

Black Rhino Sprocket

To cap off this list of wheel choices for your Toyota Tacoma, check out the Black Rhino Sprocket. This 9.5 inch wide wheel has an awesome mesh look with a simulated bead lock ring on the rim. The matte gunmetal finish against the black lip edge adds a cool depth to these eye-catching wheels. You’ll have the coolest rims on the road or the trail.

For your Tacoma – or any vehicle you’re looking to upgrade with new rims – enter the year, make and model and start shopping for the wheels that fit your budget and match the look and attitude you want your truck to exude.