20x12 Wheels

Looking for the perfect set of 20x12 wheels for your ride? You’re in the right spot!

If you want to up the style of your ride or to boost your rig’s performance, a set of custom 20x12 wheels is the way to go. 

Plus, we’ll do everything we can to make your wheel upgrade easy and fun. That’s why we have a huge range of aftermarket 20x12 rims from wheel brands that include Raceline, Method Wheels, Cray, Vision, XD Series (and much more)!

Fuel Wheels 20x12

Fuel Off-Road Wheels build an array of rugged 20x12 rims. If you want to level up your truck or SUV’s style and off-road performance in one move, then a set of 20x12 Fuel Wheels is a no-brainer.

From the off-road classic Fuel Maverick 20x12 to the game-changing Fuel Hostage 20x12, we have a range of Fuel wheels in 20x12 (and other common) fitments to help you get the off-road styling you want and the added durability you need to take on any and all comers.

After all, just because you’re going off-roading doesn’t mean you can’t look good doing it.

20x12 Wheel and Tire Packages

What’s the only thing that’s more exciting than beefing up the look of your ride with a set of 20x12 wheels? 

Going all out and custom-designing your own 20x12 wheel and tire package. With our huge selection of tires and wheels (not to mention our unbeatable prices), you can completely dial in your ride in one transaction. And if you want to see how your new rims will look on your rig before you take the plunge, try out our wheel visualizer!

Plus, since it’s one of the most popular replacement wheel sizes available, 20x12 rims are built with a huge range of finishes, materials and construction types. That means there’s practically no end to the wheel/tire combinations you can choose from.

From 20x12 chrome wheels to Moto Metal Wheels 20x12, we’ve got the rims you want (and the prices you need).

If you’re ready to make the leap and upgrade to a set of 20x12 wheels, we’ve got you covered. 

Our stores are fully staffed by tire experts and wheel enthusiasts. With years of experience caring for vehicles of every sort, we’re ready to get your custom wheels installed. Feel free to drop on by your nearest location or set up an appointment to save time.