5x139.7 Wheels

After 5x139.7 wheels for your Dodge Ram, older Ford truck, or even your UTV? We’ve got you covered with the largest stock of wheels and rims anywhere!

Hard to find wheel and bolt patterns are our specialty! If your older truck needs an upgrade on wheels, don’t let their size or specs stop you. Not only do we carry 5x139.7 wheels in the styles you want, we do so at the prices you need!

We readily stock in-demand 5x139.7 wheel manufacturers like Vision, Black Rhino, Unique, XD, Moto Metal, Fuel and more!

5x139.7 rims

For your older truck or car 5x139.7 rims might be required. This bolt pattern is pretty common in Dodge Ram 1500s and also sometimes in older Fords. Quickly deliver an aggressive upgrade with the Level 8 Slingshot. The Slingshot is an eight spoke machine face wheel with notched lip design that comes in either a matte and gloss black or matte bronze finish.

For your Jeep, SUV or truck, the American Outlaw Lonestar is a great option. With its classic 5 spoke star design and stud detailing, this wheel can elevate any rig. It comes in an assortment of fitments and sizes and a gloss or satin black finish.

For clean lines, a simple but dependable design, the MB Wheels Legacy is a safe bet. With an intricate eight spoke slight concave wheel design that comes in a variety of sizes and fitments and a black machined face finish, it’s easy to see why the Legacy is a best seller in this bolt pattern.

5x139.7 steel wheels

If you prefer your wheels to be more durable than your run of the mill alloy, then you need to get 5x139.7 steel wheels. Steel is heavier and stronger than alloy, and can resist many of the wheel hazards of winter driving (brake dust, gravel and so on).

The Vision D Window is a steel 5x139.7 wheel with a modular spoke design with unusual circle D window cuts along the rim. Available in popular sizes, you can outfit your trailer, light truck or UTV. Easy on the eyes and the wallet, this option has long term promise.

For a similar look and make but with a little amped up aesthetic, check out the Vision Soft 8 a steel wheel with a gloss black finish, window cuts and a modular design.

For those with classic trucks or a modern make wanting to add a little retro flair, give the Unique 21 a whirl. Coming in a wide assortment of fitments and finishes, this steel wheel offers a classic edge without the bite from your budget!

But if you’re going to get a new set of rims, why not upgrade your tires too? With our wheel and tire packages, you get a double whammy of style and performance.

Don’t worry if you’re feeling overwhelmed, we have the tools to help you decide the right products for you. Use our wheel visualizer to get a preview of what your vehicle will look like (even down to the OE paint color!). Then, check out Treadwell to pair up the right set of tires for your ride.

Still having trouble finding the right 5x139.7 wheels and tires for you? We can help! Just give us a call and set up an appointment at your nearest store.