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Discount Tire Store
2724 GARNET AVE, California, SAN DIEGO, 92109-3821


Store Overview

Discount Tire is Pacific Beach’s home for tires and rims! Also serving Mission Bay and La Jolla, we’re located on Garnet Avenue just west of Mission Bay Drive and Interstate 5. Stop in for a complimentary air pressure check and inspection.

Our on-site experts perform precision services in our five service bays, including wheel and tire installation, rotation, balancing, and repair. Watch from the waiting area in our showroom while you enjoy free Wi-Fi.

If you prefer, our store is conveniently situated near shopping and eating locations, including Food City, El Rey Moro Taco Shop, La Jolla Water Sports, Sonic, and Wienerschnitzel, among others.

Walk-ins are welcome or schedule an appointment for your convenience.

-Manager, Pacific Beach Discount Tire

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