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Discount Tire Store
9974 S 71ST AVE, Nebraska, PAPILLION, 68133-2155


Store Overview

Stop by Discount Tire in Papillion for your complimentary air pressure check and inspection. We are located at the southeast corner of Cornhusker Road and 72nd Street next to Dunkin’ Donuts.

Your safety and comfort are priorities at Discount Tire. From our six service bays, our experts perform precision services, including wheel and tire installation, rotation, balancing, repair and winter tire changes. Plus, we have plenty of space in our parking lot to accommodate trailers and campers!

While you kick-back in our waiting area, enjoy our free Wi-Fi. If you prefer to dine or shop while you wait, check out the Ridgewood Plaza which has shops such as Chipotle, Jimmy John’s, Jersey Mike’s, and Sam’s Club.

Walk-ins are welcome or schedule an appointment for your convenience.

-Manager, Papillion Discount Tire

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