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Discount Tire Store
7301 MCPHERSON RD, Texas, LAREDO, 78041-6547


Store Overview

Discount Tire in northern Laredo, Texas, is the place to go for rims and tires! Our store is located on McPherson Road south of East Del Mar Boulevard.

We take great pride in our location and we’re committed to providing the best customer service experience! Visit us for a complimentary air pressure check and inspection.

Our experts perform precision work on your vehicle in one of our six service bays; including wheel and tire installation, rotation, balancing, and repair. We also provide free Wi-Fi in our showroom.

If you prefer to eat or shop during your service, check out the nearby options such as Rudy’s “Country Store” and Bar-BQ, Wayback Burgers, Burger King, Danny’s, Chipotle, Walgreens, Band Shop, and Healthy Bites.

Come in soon or make an appointment for your convenience.

And while you’re here, check out our guide on buying tires specifically for East and Central Texas.

- Manager, Laredo Discount Tire

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