Goodyear Winter Tires – A buyer’s guide

By: Discount Tire

Winter blues may bring other drivers down, but when you’re riding on the right set of snow tires your cold commute can be more like a trip through a winter wonderland. And when it comes to finding the right winter tire (or any tire for that matter), you can’t go wrong with Goodyear.

You’re probably already aware that Goodyear has decades of experience designing tires for a range of uses. What’s more, they don’t fail to deliver when it comes to their winter options.

As the company who helped with the invention of vulcanized rubber, it should come as no surprise that Goodyear is behind many advancements in the world of winter performance.

Headquartered in Ohio, the Goodyear engineers are well familiar with the challenges of winter driving and how to best combat those challenges without sacrificing comfort or performance. And they have an assortment of snow tires to suit your winter driving needs no matter what type of vehicle you roll in.

Need further proof of the excellence Goodyear snow tires? They’re all certified for use in extreme winter weather and are backed by Three Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol.

With such a wide array of winter tires on offer from Goodyear, you must be asking yourself, “which Goodyear winter tires are best for me?”

Don’t fret! Check out our quick guide of these brilliant winter tire offerings from Goodyear and get ready to take winter on.

Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter Tires


The name says it all when it comes to these Goodyear snow tires. Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter tires are all about providing you with the ultimate grip on roads blanketed in snow and ice.

We can hardly blame you if your immediate question is: how do they do that?

Answer: by giving you more stopping power when you need it most—on ice and snow. 

According to Goodyear, the Ultra Grip Winter stops up to 6 feet shorter than a leading competitor’s winter tire. 6 feet may not seem like a lot, but it can be the difference you need to stay safe on those winter roads. 

And if ice is a constant on your commute, you can always opt for the Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter Studdable. Pinned for the use of studs, this iteration of the Ultra Grip digs into ice so even the worst of winter weather can cancel your winter travel plans.

Whatever the weather forecast says, you can take to the roads with absolute confidence when your car is outfitted with a set of Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter tires, studdable or non-studded.

Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice WRT


One of the newest members of the Ultra Grip family, the Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice WRT helps you stay in control on challenging winter roads, even in ice and snow. 

Because harsh winter weather can change with rapid unpredictability, the Ultra Grip Ice WRT (meaning Winter Reactive Technology) is designed with Goodyear’s adaptive winter tech. This includes a silica-enhanced tread compound that doesn’t go stiff in polar temperatures.

That flexibility in freezing temps ensures traction that doesn’t quit when winter comes calling.

Add in the 3D interlocking sipes and the two-dimensional blades in the center tread area and you’ve got a tire that can go into the depths of winter undaunted. That’s because these features bite into slick surfaces like ice and snow so you can keep moving forward no matter how bad of a downpour you’re expecting.

Don’t let your trip end with a snow snafu. Opt for a set of Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice WRT tires and you’ll be able to take on all comers, including water, slush, ice and snow.

Goodyear WinterCommand Tires


SUV and crossover drivers need not fear. You can access the pinnacle of Goodyear winter traction with a set of Goodyear WinterCommand tires.

Just take a look at this tire. You can tell from a glance it’s optimized for commanding winter performance. With a dense siping pattern, including 3 different sipe angles, the WinterCommand takes control of those frigid roads, even when they’re coated in ice and snow. 

Want more assurance on those icy winter roads? The WinterCommand is built with zigzag center grooves, adding even more grip in water, slush, snow and ice. 

And if the weather truly takes a turn for the worst, these Goodyear snow tires are studdable so you can take your ice performance to the next level.

When the weather can go from cold and dry to a full-on blizzard in moments, you’ve got to be prepared for it all. Meet your best form of preparation: Goodyear WinterCommand tires.

Goodyear Eagle Winter Tires


Winter weather may be unpredictable but you can still count on predictable, snappy performance and grip that doesn’t slip when you put your high-powered vehicle on Goodyear Eagle snow tires. 

Building on the ground-breaking foundation of the GW-2, the new Goodyear Eagle Ultra Grip GW-3 can tear through slush and snow while staying responsive and controlled on dry streets.

Even when the roads are frozen solid, you don’t have to expect slushy steering response from the GW-3. Thanks to its wide shoulder blocks and solid center tread area, it provides precise steering feedback so you don’t give up the dependable handling you’ve come to expect from your ride. 

Meanwhile, when the roads are coated in slush and snow, you can rest easy with the GW 3’s V-TRED technology. 

This cutting edge tire feature plows through water, slush and snow so you don’t lose control when the weather has gone wild. And thanks to the high-blade density, the Eagle Ultra Grip GW3 has thousands of extra biting edges, which hold tight on ice and snow.

Designed for tight steering response and control on ice and snow, it’s not surprising that first responders often choose the Goodyear Eagle Ultra Grip GW 3 for their vehicles. 

No matter what you drive (or how bad the weather gets), there’s a Goodyear snow tire that can help you master your commute. 

Ready to get a grip and make the upgrade to a set of Goodyear winter tires? Feel free to drop on by your nearest store or schedule an appointment.

And if you want to save time (and money on future changeover costs), consider a winter tire and wheel package. And if you’ve already got a set of winter tires and it’s time for your winter changeover, we can help you get that taken care of.