What tires should I buy for my Mustang?

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Mustang tires

Trims: EcoBoost, EcoBoost High Performance, GT, Bullit, GT350, GT500

About: Rich daily-drives his Mustang, but he also wants his next set of tires to be extra sticky. Why? So he can hang with his autocross buddies on one weekend and then put respectable times down at the drag strip on the next weekend. On top of that, something with an eye-catching sidewall design for his next local cars & coffee would be the icing on the cake. He’s looking for a dedicated summer tire, but is open to other high-performance all-season or comparably-priced competition options.

Use: 40% city, 40% highway, 10% autocross, 10% drag racing

Budget: $$-$$$

Mustang tires - our picks

Recommendation #1 - Michelin Pilot Sport 4S

best tires for mustang

It's hard to tell whether their street cred is a byproduct of the performance attributes of the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S, or if that credibility is preceded by the performance pedigree of all Michelin Pilot tires. Regardless, everyone at the autocross course, the drag strip, and especially at any cars & coffee will know you take your Mustang seriously if you roll up with these on it.

Across every Ford Mustang forum they're universally acclaimed and recommended for the performance-oriented Mustang owner no matter the trim or stage of modification. So much so, in fact, that Ford recently switched to the PS4S as the OE tire for every Performance Package-equipped Mustang that comes off the assembly line.

No matter which generation Mustang you drive, if you care about quarter mile times and trap speed, lateral G's and overall handling, AND you want tires that hook under the rear-wheel drive power of forced induction (especially if you're running stage 2 or stage 3 mods on your Mustang don't want to deal with drag radials on your commute) these Michelins are among the standard-bearers for any Ford Mustang owner.

Recommendation #2 - Continental Extremecontact Sport

Mustang GT tires

There's a reason legendary Ford and Mustang performance house ROUSH partnered with Continental to pair a high performance summer tire to their line of high-output Mustangs. The Continental ExtremeContact Sport is a tire that packs a lot of meaning into the three words in its name, and should serve to bring out the best driving characteristics of any Mustang – whether it's a ROUSH or your own modified (or stock) 'Stang.

You should expect planted and confident power that translates directly from the road to the steering wheel from your pony car if you do pick these Continentals. Many Mustang owners consider tires the most direct performance upgrade for any squared or staggered tire setup on your Mustang, but these Contis have the track day credibility of actual competition tires that can be both more expensive and temperamental.

With "EXTREMECONTACT" in thick, blocky italics over its sidewall with "Sport" in a stylized signature script, its sidewall design captures attention from any angle while its unique and aggressive tread imprint should imply what your Mustang is used for.

Recommendation #3 - Nitto Invo

best Mustang tires

There isn't a lot that needs to be said for a tire when it has a tread design like this. Really. Just look at it.

Yes, there's a lot going on with the Nitto Invo ultra high performance (UHP) tire. With an outside shoulder that makes it perfect for assaulting the autocross course or your commute's highway on ramp at speed, it was purpose-built for staggered setups while keeping noise and harshness in check when you're just cruising.

Being more of a dedicated summer competition tire, they do take some warming up before they perform to the utmost of their ability (like any tire) – but they've recently become a go-to replacement for Mustang drivers, especially when combined with plus-zero sizing changes or as a part of entire wheel and tire changes.

Anyone after the best set of performance tires for their Mustang will also be hard pressed to find any at the price range that Nitto offers the Invo at. If you can't resist using line-lock or launch control on your Mustang, the Invo can make doing so a little easier to justify.

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